Best Apps Ipad

Best Apps Ipad Das sind die besten Apps für das iPad

Das iPad ist kein großes iPhone, sondern deutlich mehr. Während Apple dies durch ein eigenes Betriebssystem klarstellt, machen vor allem. Apple hat zum Jahresende mal wieder die besten und beliebtesten Apps aus den unterschiedlichen Stores bekannt gegeben. Anlässlich des zehnjährigen Geburtstags präsentieren Wir die besten Apps, die auf jedes iPad gehören. Apple liefert mit iOS und auch iPadOS. Das sind die besten Apps für das iPad. Soundhound Die App bietet genau wie Shazam Musiktitelerkennung per Smartphone oder Tablet-PC – allerdings für. Während die meisten iOS-Apps das iPad unterstützen, gibt es im Apple App Store Tausende großartiger Apps, die auf größeren Bildschirmen .

Best Apps Ipad

Das sind die besten Apps für das iPad. Soundhound Die App bietet genau wie Shazam Musiktitelerkennung per Smartphone oder Tablet-PC – allerdings für. Während die meisten iOS-Apps das iPad unterstützen, gibt es im Apple App Store Tausende großartiger Apps, die auf größeren Bildschirmen . Jedes Jahr kürt Apple die „Apps des Jahres“ für iPhone, iPad, Mac und Apple TV. Welche Anwendungen machten im vergangenen Jahr. Probieren Sie es jetzt aus: ShopStyle. Gut: Werbung sucht man vergebens. Auch eine kompaktere Ansicht lässt sich aktivieren. Weiterhin lassen sich die Videos mit Musik, gesprochenen Kommentaren und Texten versehen. Jede Kategorie lässt dabei verschiedene Aktionen zu, etwa Telefonnummern anrufen und Bwin De App im Kartenprogramm betrachten. Preise Neu De Sie es jetzt aus: Clash Royale. Zur Nutzung auf mehreren Geräten gibt es eine praktische Synchronisierung via iCloud. Die App enthält über Lasst es uns in den Kommentaren wissen. Es ist eine erfrischende Pause von Side Scrollern. Sie steuern die gesamte Erfahrung. Documents 5: Diese Gratis-App ist vermutlich die beste Alternative zu einem richtigen Datei-Explorer unter iOS. Documents 5 von Readdle versteht sich mit. Die Top 10 der Apps für das iPad. Wer einen Blick in den App-Store seines iPads wagt, wird von hunderttausenden Apps überschwemmt. Fotobearbeitung, Video-Player, Taschenrechner – alles was Apples Tablet-PC fehlt und einiges mehr, finden Sie unter den besten Apps fürs iPad. Jedes Jahr kürt Apple die „Apps des Jahres“ für iPhone, iPad, Mac und Apple TV. Welche Anwendungen machten im vergangenen Jahr. Best Apps Ipad

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20 Best Must Have Apps for iPad (Pro) 2020 - in 10 categories

And for most restaurants, you can even get a peek at the menu. Yelp also works on almost any other type of business, so you'll be able to find a dry cleaner or an auto repair shop.

Have a bad experience somewhere? You can tell everyone else all about it on Yelp. It may not erase the experience, but it usually makes you feel a little better about it.

Download Yelp. Dropbox is a great way to get 2 GB of free storage on your iPad. This cloud-based storage solution also lets you easily share files between your devices, so if you want an easy way to transfer photos from your iPad to your PC without bothering with a cable, you can use Dropbox.

And if you have a lot of documents on your PC you want to access from your iPad, you can use Dropbox to store them. Dropbox works with most devices, so you can use it to share files between your PC and laptop, your laptop and your iPad or your iPad and your iPhone.

And it's a more sophisticated and easier-to-use solution than iCloud Drive once you get it up and running. Download Dropbox.

With access to the Internet Movie Database, you'll never be left wondering why an actor's face looks familiar or what other movies were made by a certain director.

And you'll quickly become an ace at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Download IMDB. But when Apple had their break up with Google, YouTube disappeared. The YouTube app is great for those who want an app-based experience when browsing YouTube.

The app will also be used as an external player for YouTube videos, so if you browse YouTube in the Safari browser, videos will open in the YouTube app.

Download YouTube. Are you ready to turn your social experience into an interactive magazine? Flipboard ties together Facebook, Twitter, Flickr , and other social websites with traditional news and magazine sites like CNN and Sports Illustrated to create a magazine tailored to your own social experience.

If you think Facebook is cool or Twitter is informative, you should see the turned into a magazine. Download Flipboard. Speedtest allows you to test the overall speed of your Internet connection measured in megabits-per-second Mbps.

While it may sound like something only a techno-geek would want on their iPad, it's actually quite handy for anyone, especially if you have an area of the house where you don't get a good Wi-Fi signal.

Speedtest will help you determine just how bad your connection gets and help you test solutions. The actual numbers will vary based on the top speed of your Internet connection.

Many people these days have connections capable of 25 to 50 Mbps or even faster. Download Ookla Speedtest. If you need to get your news fix, USA Today is one of the best news apps in the app store.

And not only will you get a free dose of daily news, but you'll also get a daily crossword puzzle. Do you prefer your news to be more visual? CNN's iPad app is made for you.

And for those who like news from as many different sources as possible, Fluent News does a great job of bringing a cornucopia of news feeds together in a streamlined app.

Download USA Today. We've covered entertainment, news and the social experience, but the iPad can also be quite educational.

Along with the dictionary comes a Thesaurus and a Word of the Day. An optional annual subscription upgrade free with in-app purchases adds the ability to annotate images, combine multiple documents into a single PDF, and password-protect your PDFs.

That means you can show videos side-by-side or picture-in-picture-in-picture. And, of course, you can trim, resize, and position your segments anywhere in your video.

You can set word count goals for each segment or for the entire piece. Ulysses supports Markdown, a way to markup format for the web.

You can publish your work to WordPress or Medium from Ulysses, too. You can even buy a mouse that works with Jump Desktop to achieve an even more traditional desktop-like experience.

Veteran Civ players may appreciate that expansion packs can be purchased to add new dimensions to the game. Apple iPad Macs.

Tweet Share Email. Or, get the full PCalc for an advanced, customizable calculator that makes the most of your iPad screen.

PCalc includes several retro calculator themes, along with a Notification Center widget to crunch numbers without opening an app.

But Scanbot puts it to good use. You can then save and export your scanned documents, or with its in-app purchases use optical character recognition to copy text from your scans, annotate scanned documents, and more.

Check out our roundup of scanning and fax apps for other scanning tools for Android, Macs, and PCs.

Open two apps side by side, and you can drag text, images, links, and more between them. Gladys solves that with a popover app where you can drag files and more to store.

Gladys can even pull more details out from the items you copy. Copy text, and it could paste the plain or rich text version of the text—or even the HTML formatted text if you copied it online.

It remembers the original link from images, so you can easily credit them. Things is one of the original iOS to-do list apps, and its latest version has quickly become one of the most popular ways to get things done from anywhere.

You can make new projects and tasks, move tasks around, search through tasks, complete them, and more without ever touching your screen.

But distractions are only a notification away, and if you work on the same thing too long, you might end up burning out before finishing the project.

Focus Keeper is a pomodoro timer for iPad to help. Start a timer, and Focus Keeper will count down for 25 minutes before reminding you to stop for a break.

By default it has a ticking clock sound in the background; you can turn that off if you find it distracting.

Once the time is up, take your short break, then restart the timer and start on the next task, and repeat through the rest of your workday.

Check out our pomodoro apps roundup for other options for Mac, Windows, and Android. One of the most obvious use cases for the iPad is to replace your paper notebooks and loose documents—especially if you have a newer iPad and Apple Pencil.

Whether you prefer to sketch your ideas, write them by hand, or type them up, these apps will record them all. Want your iPad to replace your paper notebooks?

GoodNotes is the next best thing. It organizes your handwritten notes organized into virtual books, with dozens of paper styles to write on plain paper, lined, grids, or even virtual sheet music.

GoodNotes can even recognize your handwriting. You can make as detailed of notes as you like—zoom in to write clearly, then zoom out for the full picture—with sketches, images, and PDF documents to keep everything in one place.

Then when you need to find something, you can flip through each page of your notebooks or search to find the text you need. The fountain pen—Paper's on-screen pressure-sensitive pen that gives its drawings their iconic style—is a fluid way to draw or write quick notes with your finger.

You can open PDFs in its tabbed reader and switch between them, or use the page view to jump to the section you need quickly. Then, its editing tools let you markup PDFs with a stylus or your finger.

You can fill out and sign forms, highlight important sections, and add arrows and other callouts to documents for feedback. Or, with the in-app purchase for editing tools, you can edit the text and images of PDFs for almost everything you might want from Acrobat on a PC, on your iPad.

Preview on the Mac is an easy way to crop images, add arrows and highlights, and delete sensitive data from screenshots.

Annotable does that and more on your iPad. It shows your most recent iPad photos when you open the app. Tap one to edit it, then select the annotation tool you need from the overlay on the side.

Say you took a screenshot of a store list someone sent you in Messenger, and want to highlight what you need to buy—and blur out the other messages before sharing the list with the friend going shopping.

Or maybe you want to add ideas to a new website design your team made, and need to point out the exact changes that need made.

In Annotable, you can add arrows or text to the image, point out sections with arrows and highlights, or zoom in on sections with the paid upgrade.

It even can highlight text in screenshots, just as if you were highlighting text in a book. And if you want to speed things up even more, Annotable can also run inside the iOS Photos app for a faster way to add quick annotations to screenshots.

Here are more tools for making great screenshots for iOS, Mac, Windows, and more. Need an easy way to share your ideas from iPad?

Paste , from the team that built Paper, is a presentation app designed for the iPad. Add a link, and Paste will turn the site into a preview.

You can share slides with your team to get their feedback or thumbs-up, and drag-and-drop slides into the order you want.

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From magazine and news readers to productivity and photo editing tools , we take a look at the best iPad apps that take advantages of the tablet's massive screen space and solid specs.

Pixelmator Photo is able to apply nondestructive color augmentation and editing to your images. The app comes with a wealth of tools to repair, touch up, and enhance your photos, allowing for fine-grained editing, or fast presets for quick tweaks.

Pixelmator Photo's powerful tools turn your iPad into a mobile photo editing powerhouse, easily earning a place in the edition of the Apple Design Awards.

Moleskine isn't just about physical journals and notebooks anymore. The company has made a strong push into iOS apps, highlighted by Flow , an impressive drawing and note-taking app that does justice to Moleskine's notebook roots.

Users can draw or take notes on an infinite-width canvas. Users gain access to granular mute filters for things like users, hashtags, and keywords, as well as a detailed activity and analytics view that quickly summarizes your interactions, mentions and retweets.

Tweetbot may be overkill for some users, but if you spend a lot of time on the microblogging network, it's going to make your life a lot easier.

Overcast shines brightly on Apple's larger portable screens thanks to a well-designed layout that gives you space for what you're currently hearing as well as what you're planning on getting to.

More than just a clever play on words, Procreate brings a fast, feature-packed digital arts studio straight into your tablet. Procreate features support for ultra-high def 4k canvases, up to layers, levels of undo and redo, and more than customizable brushes.

From transformative tools to video capture of workflow, multi-touch gesture commands and GPU accelerated filters, Procreate puts on an impressive performance.

It's overkill if you're just looking for something to doodle with, but if you're in the market for a robust, professional quality art app on an iPad, Procreate deserves a look.

The Kindle app provides users with a powerful multi-platform reading app that gives them full access to their library and a highly customizable reading interface.

Readers can tweak the app's text display, backgrounds and more, with Amazon's Whispersync technology ensuring that settings are saved across all your devices.

Users can access books purchased through the Kindle marketplace, as well as a wealth of free public domain books and promos.

The iPad's large screen, ideal for reading, is a perfect fit for the Kindle app. Why spend a ton of money on ebooks if your local library already has a digital media lending system?

Libby allows users to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from participating libraries. Simply sign in with your library card and then you can browse your library's digital media collection, letting you search for titles, set holds, borrow ebooks and audiobooks with a tap, and return or extend a lend just as easily.

You can preview books from the app and download titles or stream them to your iPad to save space. Infuse Pro 6 is a step up from the free version, with expanded video formats, AirPlay, Cast, and cloud service support, Dolby DTS sound, and cross-device syncing.

Comixology is a fantastic digital comic book reader that allows users to access comics bought from Comixology.

A particular strong point for Comics is its Guided View technology, which allows for a smart, slick, panel-by-panel reading experience. This app really takes advantage of the broad screen real estate of the iPad, allowing for a very natural reading experience, unlike on a smaller device such as a smartphone.

Writers write everywhere they get the chance to, and so if you work with words, make Bear your iOS text editor of choice.

Its column view and hashtag-based filing allows you to stay organized with minimal effort, keeping the focus on your prose. When you're done with a project, Bear gives you a bunch of ways to export your results, with.

RTF and. DOCX support. Also, Bear's got Face ID baked in, so you can protect your notes. Fantastical 2 is a very flexible app.

If your iPad's set up as a standing screen at your desk, turn Fantastical into a digital desk calendar. When you want something more powerful, use it as a split-view or slide-over app.

That's because Fantastical is more than just your average calendar app. Its natural text recognition means you can just copy text out of a webpage or email, open Fantastical, and create a new event faster than you can say "Clippy.

It makes the most out of the sharing options in iOS The latest version offers easy sharing of content to and from Pocket, as well as a handy Safari extension that makes sharing articles and Web pages to Pocket an extremely simple affair.

Now you can simply save and surf, rather than fumble around with a bookmarklet. This latest version allows you to see your scheduled calendar events next to your to-do list, so you can plan your work properly and not overload yourself on days when you don't have time.

With Things' bright, clean aesthetic, your to-do lists can at least appear calm, even when your deadlines are creeping up on you.

Credit: Culture Code. If you've always wanted a second or third monitor for your Mac, Duet Display is definitely worth checking out.

This utility turns your iPad into an additional screen, as long as it's tethered via a Lightning or pin cable. Especially useful for travelers, this process is more convenient than using a second monitor display, as those often require their own power sources.

Credit: Duet. The Notebook app is the multimedia journal kit that your iPad needs, taking the basic premise of the Notes app, but making it look fantastic.

You sort your documents, to-do lists and images into different notebooks, and get to add audio recordings and doodles to flesh out your ideas.

Each note has a customizable background color, and the program uses a highly legible font. Apple's own Notes app could really stand to borrow some of these features.

Credit: Zoho. If you used the iOS version of Google Docs before but found it lacking, it's time to reconsider. In , Google's text-editor app finally gained full support for handling Suggested Edits: a collaboration tool that allows you to adjust another person's document.

That means you can accept and reject corrections from the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard, which is great when combined with the app's real-time group editing feature.

Of course, it also supports Microsoft Office files. Credit: Google. We've all been there: You had a great idea, but it fluttered away before you could jot it down.

Drafts for iOS solves this issue, as opening the app gives you a blank note file where you can capture your most fleeting ideas before they dissolve into the ether.

Drafts makes a perfect addition to iOS 11's Dock, which you now flick up with a single swipe from the bottom of the screen, from any app.

The app is also excellent for processing your thoughts, with highly customizable actions that allow you to append existing documents, create tweets and draft emails.

Drag-and-drop support means you can easily pull your notes into web forms and other destinations. Credit: Agile Tortoise.

While to-do list apps can be enough for projects you work on alone, collaborative projects need more complex solutions. This is why tons of major companies, such as Pixar, Google and Fender, turn to Trello.

In this program, you can assign work to individuals, apply labels to categorize projects, set due dates and more. It even features integrations with Google Drive and Slack, so your planning can sing in harmony with your work.

Credit: Atlassian. This way, you can access your files all throughout your Apple device, instead of hoping individual apps would add Dropbox support.

Credit: Dropbox. If you constantly find yourself writing the same kinds of emails and typing out formulaic sentences, or if you have ever used templates, consider Text Expander's iOS keyboard.

With it, you can just type a short phrase — say, "xdeli" — and watch it expand to your entire lunch order. And while the iOS keyboard settings menu offers a similar functionality, Text Expander is more powerful, including options for formatting, variables and code.

You can even opt for your cursor to appear in the middle of your phrase, rather than just at the end. Credit: SmileOnMyMac. To-do list apps are useful ways to keep track of what you do, but the simple-looking Due does something few of those programs will: it refuses to stop nagging you until you've completed your task.

So, when you've got a task you need to do, but don't exactly enjoy doing it, just Due it. Credit: Due Pte.

The work we do in email doesn't end with sending and receiving messages. As such, it's always been peculiar that Apple's Mail app doesn't offer to share sheets in the same way that Safari and other apps do.

Airmail works with a ton of our other favorite iPad Productivity apps, such as Drafts and Bear, for building out new ideas from your emails, and creating reminders in Due and Things.

Lastpass Free Image credit: Lastpass Passwords and logins are a hassle unique to the information age. Here are more tools for making great screenshots for iOS, Mac, Windows, and more. Spielkasino Free Download Book Of Ra Game credit: Comixology Comixology is a fantastic digital comic book reader that allows users to access comics bought from Comixology. Veteran Civ players may appreciate that expansion packs can be purchased to Merkur Spiele Download Joker Kap new dimensions to the game. You can then use those snippets anywhere. Creating your own palettes is easy. Snapseed 's an old mobile photo-editing favorite, and Google incorporated many of its editing features into the Photos app, but development isn't dead on this old reliable. Learn how to get more out of TextExpander and find other options for Macs, Windows, and Casino Games Jackpot in our text expander guide. Download MyScript Nebo. Check out our roundup of scanning and fax apps for other scanning tools for Android, Macs, and PCs. Microsoft Outlook. Apple's new Shortcuts is the app for you.

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